Tankless Water Heaters in Phoenix, AZ

Hot water is essential to our daily lives.  We use it to cook, to clean, and sometimes to wash away our worries in the shower or bathtub. It’s a luxury that many of us couldn’t do without.

What if Your Water Heater Quits?

So what do you do when your old water heater stops working? Do you keep the same clunky upright model, or do you opt for a new, sleek tankless water heater?

You owe it to yourself and your family to consider your options.  What option will provide for the best energy savings? What options will fit best for your home? What do you have the rights pipes and lines for?

These are good questions to ask when you try to choose between tankless and the standard storage-tank water heater. The answer is…it depends.

How does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

A tankless unit is generally a small metal box, around two feet tall and maybe a foot deep.  Water travels into the box, flows over a superheated electric element or a gas burner, and very quickly heats up to 120 degrees or higher depending on where you set it.  There are models that primarily use natural gas and models that are fully electric.

A standard water heater uses a large tank to store water and keep it hot 24/7 for when it’s needed.  A tankless model warms the water when needed and can make as much as you need almost instantly.  Tankless water heaters generally don’t run out of hot water unless demand is too great throughout the house. A larger model can handle more demand.

How Much Does a Tankless Water Heater Cost?

Storage Tank Water Heater—The prices of the water heater and the installation can total around 1500 dollars to upwards of 3000 dollars for the most efficient versions.

Tankless units start at a little under 4000 dollars installed, and in some cases, the price can go above 10,000 dollars. One big determining factor will be the difficulty of the installation, depending on the hook-ups your home has or doesn’t have In comparison, a standard storage-tank water heater costs roughly 1500 – 3000 dollars.

How Hard is it to Install a Tankless Water Heater?

Switching over from a standard tank to a tankless unit will be a longer and more complex process than installing a standard tank water heater. Commonly, work can take a full day. Before installation begins, it will have to be determined if your existing natural gas line is big enough to fuel your tankless water heater while still supplying other home appliances with gas at the same time.

The same goes for electric models.  Your home may not be wired with enough juice to power the unit and everything else in the home at the same time.  Modifications may have to be made. The spot where your natural gas enters the home will also make a difference if it’s far away from where you want to place your tankless water heater.

In either case, you will want to work with a professional plumber for installation.

Click here for more information about installing tankless water heaters.

How Long Does a Tankless Water Heater Last?

A Tankless unit, properly maintained, is expected to last 20 years or longer. This is a much longer lifespan than the traditional water heater tanks. Be sure to research your replacement water heater as time and technology tends to change significantly between tanks.

Are Tankless Water Heaters More Efficient?

Yes! A condensing model typically rates around point-8 EF with the more efficient non-condensing models rating even higher at point-9 EF.  That translates to putting in a dollar’s worth of energy and seeing 90 cents converted into hot water with only 10 cents lost to inefficiency.  That’s much more efficient when compared to standard models and can save on monthly electric and natural gas bills.

For a bit of perspective, most traditional water heaters earn above a point-5 EF (energy factor) rating to a point-6 or point-7 EF rating for higher-grade models. In simple terms, a .5 rating means that for every dollar of energy put into the water heater, 50 cents will be converted into hot water.  The other 50 cents will be lost to inefficiency.

Do You Save More Over Time with Tankless Water Heaters?

You will use less fuel or electricity with a tankless model over a standard water heater.  The more hot water you use, the more you save. For example, let’s say you have a big family that likes long, hot showers, you will likely save a nice amount on your power and gas bills.

The bills will be smaller, but you also have to factor in the other costs associated with the tankless option.  The upfront costs, as we’ve seen is almost always greater.  It’s also important to know that tankless water heaters have to be flushed of mineral build-up once a year.  This annual flush is even more urgent if you have hard water. This service can cost a few hundred dollars each time.

The bottom line on savings: You may end up saving some money on power and gas bills over the lifetime of the tankless option. But the higher cost of tankless at the start and the flush service needed probably brings the traditional water heater closer to even with the tankless option.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Pros and Cons


  • Hot Water on Demand
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Saves Money Over Time
  • Longer Unit Lifespan


  • More Expensive Unit
  • Requires Proper Gas Lines
  • Requires Annual Maintenance

Tankless Water Heater Consultation

The main reason to get a tankless water heater is for luxury and convenience.  Your family should never have to worry about cold showers or be left waiting on a tank to refill for hot water. The units are smaller and free up room in your house.  The units are much more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

It comes down to the ease of installation into your home. If you contact us today, we will be happy to provide you with a consultation to discuss the best option for your house and your family.

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