Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation In Phoenix

Your family may have reached the point of no return.  They are done with enduring cold showers and washing clothes and dishes on a strict schedule because there’s not enough hot water to go around.  So you’ve decided to kick the bulky, old storage-tank water heater out and move on to the luxury of a tankless water heater.

Soon, the endless hot water will flow to every shower, bath, sink, and washer in the home. The heating process will be efficient and the energy savings will start immediately. Your family probably can’t wait for the switch over.

Before Installation Day approaches you may wonder what to expect and how soon you’ll see that instant-made hot water pouring from the faucet.

What Decisions Do I Need to Make Before Installing a Tankless Water Heater?

One of your biggest decisions will be to determine where the tankless unit should hang out.  An experienced plumber will definitely help with this choice. A unit can find a home in the space the old water heater will soon vacate. This is possible as long as the area allows the tankless unit to draw enough air for combustion when it fires up its heating element.  Your plumber will also make sure there are proper routes for exhaust lines.

A tankless water heater is small enough to hang just about anywhere, even in a coat closet.  It can reside in a garage or an attic as well.  One factor to consider is that the closer to the faucets and fixtures the unit is, the sooner the hot water will reach your shower or kitchen sink. Just like with a storage-tank water heater, the hot water must clear out the cold water in the lines and travel the pipes to finally flow from the sink.  The shorter this trip is, the less time your family will have to wait for the hot water to arrive.

Another thing to consider is if you want to install a water softener filter when your tankless water heater goes in. Tankless units must be flushed about once a year because over time impurities in your water will build up on the heating elements and reduce efficiency. The flush becomes more urgent if you have hard water. A water softening filter can help your water heater run cleaner and require fewer flushes.

Checking the Lines for Tankless Water Heaters

Another factor that will affect the ease of installation will be the types of lines you currently have running into the house. A plumber will be checking those inputs carefully to see what’s needed for a smooth transition to tankless.

A natural gas tankless water heater needs a big boost of fuel to heat all of that hot water on-demand.  Your current gas line will have to be big enough to supply everything in your house that already uses natural gas with the addition of the needs of a tankless unit. A bigger gas line or a higher pressure option may be needed to make sure your unit gets enough power.

The same determination will need to be made for a fully electric tankless water heater. An electrical upgrade may be required to handle the extra load.  These upgrades can all be taken care of before installation day.

What Can I Expect on my Tankless Water Heater Installation Day?

When the gas and electrical lines are up to speed that highly anticipated installation day will arrive. First,  can expect the removal of the old unit to take around an hour.  This is a fairly easy process but needs to be done correctly and according to code for proper disposal.

The tankless unit then gets mounted and connected to all the lines going in and out. This will take approximately another hour. With the connections made, the next step is sending water and power to the water heater.

Then your new water heater gets put through the important tests. Checking for leaks and making sure the water gets hot in a hurry. The entire installation process can take around three to four hours total.

What Should I ask After a Tankless Water Heater is Installed?

After a job well done, make sure to ask your plumber for a lesson in adjusting the temperature on your unit. You’ll want to determine just how hot you want your water to arrive at the showerhead.

Also, talk to your plumber about the flushing services needed for your unit. Get the plumber’s recommendation on how often to get the water heater flushed out and ask about what type of water (hard or soft) is flowing in your neighborhood.

Tankless Water Heater Consultation

You may be well on the way to having the dependability and comfort of limitless hot water flowing throughout your home.  The luxury will be instantly appreciated by every member of the family.

If you haven’t yet made the decision on your next water heater, please feel free to talk to Rooter & Plumbing Service of Phoenix to get an expert, local recommendation on the best choice for your home.

If you contact us today, we will be happy to provide you with a consultation to discuss the best option for your house and your family.

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