Water Heater Repair & Installation

We offer reasonably priced water heater installation in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas. If your hot water tank is aged past 10 years or leaking call us today at 602-290-1448. We are locally owned and operated and have been plumbing for 20 years now.

How do Hot Water Heaters Break?

  • External leaks. Hot water heaters are often destroyed from the outside. For example, a tiny leak constantly dripping water onto the top of the tank will eventually rust through the surface. Also, the pressure release valve is another area where water can leak. Pressure release valves go bad with age, can be defective, and can leak water with excessive water temperature. Flex lines, rubber washers, and other fittings go bad with age from temperature changes.
  • Internal rust. Hot water heaters have an anode rod inside of them; this rod is made of aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. These rods cause a chemical reaction called electrolysis which prevents rust. When these rods corrode water starts rusting the tank from the inside out. Sometimes you will see paint bubbling towards the bottom of your hot water tank; this means it is already rusting and you will need to replace it soon.
  • High water pressure. The pressure of your hot water tank should be under 80psi. Pressure release valves are supposed to release excess pressure, but they do not always work correctly. Sometimes we install pressure reducing valves to get the pressure down.
  • Improper tank size. A small tank trying to do a big job will run much more than it needs to. The more it runs the quicker it will wear out.
  • Sediment. Sediment builds up on the bottom of the tank. The amount of sediment varies around the country. Here in Phoenix I recommend draining a half gallon out of the tank 4 times each year to get the gunk out of the bottom of the tank.
  • Mechanical failures. Sometimes a thermostat or heating element goes bad.

Professional water heater installation


When your water heater leaks and it is time for a replacement we can give you a price up front and replace it quickly and efficiently. We will provide new flex hoses and replace the old gate valve with a new more efficient ball valve, and we always dispose of the old tank at a location where it will be recycled as scrap steel.

Do I need a permit to install a water heater in Phoenix?

In Maricopa County, as of March 28, 2012, permits are no longer required to replace hot water heaters. See the planning department’s page here for full details.

Water heater tank installation options

Depending on your location, plumbing configuration, and codes, some or none of these options may be required: expansion tanks (for closed plumbing systems), earthquake straps, water pressure regulators, drip pans, water shutoff, and pressure release valve. Other tanks may require an insulated surface, and gas water heaters require proper ventilation.

Additionally, you might find that you would like to switch to a tankless water heater. Click here to find more information on tankless water heater systems.

How long should my new hot water tank last?

Most hot water heaters will last 6 years to 10 years before they start rusting or leaking. Basic 6 year manufacturers tank warranty is standard on all water heaters with extended 9 year and 12 year warranty available for an extra charge. Basic 1 year warranty is also included on all workmanship.

Service Areas

We proudly serve ALL of Phoenix and the surrounding areas. For some of our city-specific information, please see:

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