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We are a locally owned business that has worked in Phoenix for over 20yrs. If you need assistance with anything from a major sewer excavation to a small water tap repair or replacement please feel free to call us today.

About taps and faucets

The average American uses about 50 gallons of water a day, so having reliable plumbing fixtures is important. A lot of things can go wrong, including problems with your water taps.

Taps, or faucets, are basically how you bring water into your house. Generally speaking you find them in bathrooms and kitchens.

Types of water taps

There are several different types of taps. Yours will most likely be one of the following:

  • Compression tap. The oldest and most common type. These have different spouts for hot and cold water and different handles for each. In a washer tap, a washer covered nut moves up and down to control the water flow. These are also the type most likely to give you a problem.
  • Ball taps. Often found in the kitchen, these are characterized by a ball joint and a single handle. You move the handle back to produce water and left for hot then right for cold. You can change the temperature by moving it more to the left or right and you can change the pressure by moving it forward or back.
  • Disk taps. They look somewhat like ball taps, but aren’t the same. Disk taps work by using two ceramic disks. When they line up (by moving the handle) water flows.
  • Cartridge taps. Like compression taps, cartridge taps have two valves although some have just one. They also have an internal cartridge which you twist to let the water through.

All of them have good and bad qualities. Compression taps are the most likely to fail. Repairs may involve replacing the rubber stopper (aka washer) or O-ring.

Ball taps may experience issues with the ball itself, O-rings, seals and springs.

Disk taps are very durable, but the disks will eventually wear down. Also you may get dirt or grit in between them. Cleaning them may solve your problem here. You’ll have to take it apart to do it.

In cartridge taps, the cartridge itself may go, or you may have issues with a spring or washer.

Many of these repairs fall safely into the DIY realm and you really can’t cause too much trouble for yourself even if you get partway in and get lost. Just make sure you turn the water off first!

And if you do get lost, or if you don’t want to repair it yourself, you can always call us. We service the Phoenix area and we’re happy to take care of your plumbing needs.


About Rooter and Plumbing Services

Rooter & Plumbing Service in Phoenix, AZ is owned by Ron, an experienced expert, who has been servicing the Phoenix metro area since 1982. Ron believes in hard work, dedication and honesty and is willing to provide the best advice to all callers.

Rooter & Plumbing Service in Phoenix, AZ is able to offer lower and more reasonable prices because Ron believes in keeping his company small and personal. You can depend on qualified plumbers to take care of your plumbing repairs as well as sewer and drain cleaning needs. Rooter & Plumbing Service in Phoenix, AZ thanks you for providing us the opportunity to serve you and guarantees full satisfaction to all our customers.

What We Cover

We specialize in allowing our customers to speak directly to a plumber when they call. We are happy to give free advice over the phone and provide pricing on most jobs. Sewer rooter and drain cleaning is our primary focus. We do sewer inspections and repairs as well as locating. We do residential repairs and install fixtures such as disposals, faucets, toilets, hose bibs, angle stop valves and water heaters. We are not accepting re-pipe or remodel jobs of any kind at this time. We accept all major credit cards and take over the phone payments from out of town property owners.

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