Wild Flower Hot Water Heater Repair and Installation

Having a home in the Wild Flower community may mean having a long week of driving across greater Phoenix to work, to class, or on a thousand errands. Hopefully, a more relaxing weekend awaits when you head home on Friday.

You’d prefer a trouble-free few days when you finally do take a break. However, the chance to enjoy some stay-at-home time can get derailed if you find yourself in need of a hot shower, but find the hot part is missing. Your water heater may have conked out and suddenly left your family without hot water in the bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen.

Your best option for water heater therapy is to contact Rooter & Plumbing Service covering homes in Wild Flower and the greater Phoenix area.  Your problem may be a simple 10-minute fix or it may mean it’s time to select a new water heater. You can trust us to give you an honest assessment of the situation and help guide you through any repairs or replacement necessary.

Wild Flower Water Heater Easy Repair Advice

You probably never think of your water heater while it’s doing its job. Most of us only consider the unit when the water turns cold and showers become a standing nightmare.

Water heaters can pump out hot water for 8 to 10 years or longer, but at regular intervals, every homeowner will likely have to install a new model.

But replacement isn’t the first thing our plumbers leap to if we can find a simpler, cheaper solution.  With some water heater issues, you may be able to troubleshoot yourself if you feel safe in doing so.

You can check for these issues or let us check for you:

  • Circuit Breaker Box Problem – It’s easy to open a breaker box (often located in your garage) and make sure power is still reaching your water heater. If the breaker is tripped for some reason you can flip it back and see if your water heater responds with hot water. A plumber can also check this for you and double-check that there’s not a bigger electrical problem causing the breaker to switch off.
  • Gas Water Heaters and Pilot Lights – On a gas water heater, a pilot light can get extinguished, especially on older models that don’t have electronic pilot lights.  If you feel comfortable relighting the pilot light, you may be able to handle this yourself. If not call us.  If the pilot light refuses to relight there may be a safety measure keeping it off. This indicates a larger issue.

Over time, sediment can build up in standard water heaters and tankless models. Tankless models are supposed to be flushed out at least once a year. Once sediment collects, the hot water you experience in the shower can be affected.

On a storage-tank water heater, sediment can take up space in your tank, reducing its capacity. You may run out of hot water much sooner than you’d like. A flush can restore the capacity.

Wild Flower Water Heater Fixes and Replacements

Some water heater issues require more intensive measures. Our experienced plumbers make a complete check of your system to diagnosis the issue.

These are some of the problems you can run into with an older water heater:

  • Electric Water Heater Issues – A heating element may have gone out inside your water heater tank. Replacing one or two of these elements can fix your issue. The thermostats that tell your elements when to heat can also break and stop sending any signals. A new part may be needed.
  • Gas Water Heater Issues – On a gas unit, a gas regulator valve can also stop working. It can be replaced. A new thermocouple sensor can also be installed. This monitors the pilot light and makes sure it’s working properly before it allows gas to enter.

Leaks can be a problem with gas and electric models. If the tank on the unit no longer holds water, you’ll likely be needing a replacement.

Contact a Wild Flower Plumber for Water Heater Repairs and Replacement

Those are some of the most commonly seen problems with water heaters. If something else is wrong, our experts can track down the issue and talk over your options with you.

We won’t suggest buying a new water heater unless it’s necessary. If it is time to retire your old water heater we can help you choose the best replacement option for your home and your family needs.

If you are having any sort of trouble with your water heater, please talk to Rooter & Plumbing Service serving Wild Flower residents to get an expert, local recommendation on repairs or replacement. If you contact us today, we can get you started down the path to reliable hot water again.


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