Water Heater Installation and Repair in Peoria

In the morning you can have plenty of stops and starts as you fix breakfast, pack lunches, and maybe even brave the traffic for a commute into Glendale or Phoenix. The one hitch Peoria residents don’t need is a malfunction in the shower. Vanishing hot water can stop a morning routine cold for you and your family.

If you suddenly find yourself with dwindling hot water or cold water coming out of the pipes it’s time to call a professional plumber with the know-how to quickly diagnose the issue and get your family back in the hot water game. Talk to a Peoria plumber with Rooter & Plumbing Service to schedule a visit and get your issue corrected quickly without unnecessary services and costs tacked on.

Do I Repair or Replace my Water Heater in my Peoria Home?

Your water heater may have been quietly serving you since you moved into your home and it can be a shock to have to suddenly give some thought to that unit’s lifespan.

Standard Hot Water Heaters with tanks generally last from 8-12 years, but depending on usage some can offer up to 15 years of service. The age of your water heater may play a big part in whether you decide to try to repair your problem (if possible) or if you go with a brand new unit.

If we find that a simple fix or part replacement is all that’s needed, then that’s what the professionals at Rooter & Plumbing Service will do. We won’t suggest the most expensive option when an easy repair or service is all that’s needed. There are some issues that can be corrected in a few minutes and some repairs that can take a couple of hours. A quick assessment by our plumbers can determine the best course of action.

Common Water Heater Issues

Sometimes a lack of hot water can be fixed with a simple check at your circuit breaker box. A tripped breaker may have cut power to your unit. On a gas-powered water heater, you can check to see if the pilot light is out. These are very common issues that you may be able to handle yourself, but we are happy to come to your house and check for you.

If you’re getting only mildly hot water from your shower your unit might just need servicing. Hot water tanks can fill with sediment and need a flush to get their hot water capacity back to normal. Tankless hot water heaters need to be flushed/descaled once a year to keep them working properly.

Major Water Heater Issues in Peoria, AZ

Your problem may be a bigger issue that requires a new component and taking a water heater apart. You also might have to begin the search for a new water heater.

Here are a few of the more serious issues your water heater may be experiencing:

  • Tank Leak: If water is seeping out of your tank it’s probably time to start shopping for a new hot water heater. You may have corrosion damage making a watertight seal impossible. If it’s determined the leak is coming from outside the tank, on the water line going in or out of the water heater, then a fix may be possible.
  • Part Replacement: There can be issues with a part on your unit and many of these components can be replaced. A new heating element, thermostat, or gas valve can all be installed.
  • Electrical Issues – If you are getting alternating hot and cold water you may have a problem with the electrical lines powering your water heater.

If you do find yourself in need of a new water heater, don’t feel like you have to make your selection alone. A chat with our professionals can make sure you’re educated on the latest options in water heaters choices. You might opt for a new tankless water heater to gift your family with an endless supply of hot water on demand.

We can also make sure you are getting the right sized model to meet your family’s needs and to properly fit in the space in your home.

Water Heater Consultation in Peoria and the Greater Phoenix Area

Hot water ties into a surprising amount of activities around your household. You may not notice until this precious commodity is suddenly not there at your fingertips.

If you are having any sort of issue with your hot water, please talk to Rooter & Plumbing Service of Peoria to get an expert, local recommendation on repairs or replacement.

If you contact us today, we will gladly provide you with a consultation to discuss the best option for your house and your family.

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