What Do I Do About Low Water Pressure?

If you are experiencing low water pressure and need a plumber in the Phoenix area feel free to call us. We are a safe, friendly, locally owned and operated residential plumbing company with excellent reviews.

What can cause low water pressure?

Low water pressure means that water comes out of your pipes very slowly.

First figure out if it’s just your house or maybe your neighbors as well. If it’s just one slow pipe in your house, you can rule out a bigger problem. If not and your neighbors are having problems too, you should check with your local water authority. Ultimately you may have to install a water pressure booster.

If your neighbors have good pressure and you don’t, an earlier owner may have installed a pressure-reducing valve. You can ask a plumber to adjust it.

If none of that works, then it’s time to look at your fixtures.

Tracing it leads you to a quick fork: is it one fixture or your whole house? Let’s look at single fixture first.

Odds are if it’s a sink it’s probably an aerator. You may be able to fix it simply by soaking it in vinegar.

While it’s out, let the water run. If it’s normal again, there’s your problem. Just clean or replace the aerator and get back to the important work of surfing the web or watching football.

If it’s not, you may have a clog in the line to the sink, especially if you have an older house and older (pre—PVC) plumbing. In that case, if you’re in the Phoenix area, you might want to call us.

A shower head is basically the same thing: take it off and let the water flow without it. If it works fine, then soak the head in vinegar, then reinstall it. It’ll take a little while so plan accordingly.

If it’s just low pressure from your hot water, then it may be your hot water heater.

Inspect it and make sure that the shut-off valve is fully open. If it is, you’ll probably need to call a plumber. If you’re in the Phoenix area, we’ll be happy to help you.

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