Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Drains seem to clog at the worst possible times. In can happen in the kitchen, when you’re up to your elbows in cooking a meal for eight people. It might happen right as you need to wash a dish in the sink, and you end up waiting a full 15 minutes for backed-up water to run out.

The truth is, clogs usually don’t happen all at once. They usually build up over weeks and months, as drain times get slower and slower. We may get plenty of warning but we often put off doing something about it until the pipes are completely stopped-up.

A Phoenix Plumber You Can Reach in an Emergency

Rooter and Plumbing Services handles plumbing projects and emergencies in Phoenix and the surrounding metro area. We have decades of experience helping people with plumbing problems and installations. When you call us, you’ll get to talk to a real plumber, discuss your situation and get help as soon as possible. The services we provide are cost-effective and affordable. You can depend on our qualified plumbers to take care of your plumbing repairs as well as sewer and drain cleaning needs.

A Drain Clog or a Sewer Backup?

If you have a kitchen drain that’s clogged you’ll be dealing with a lot of standing water that tends to drain very, very slowly. It’s a nuisance but something people can live with for a while.

If there’s a sewer line issue, the problem will be more immediate. At first, you may hear a gurgling or see bubbling in the standing water, especially when you flush toilets or run a dishwasher. Eventually, dirty water or raw sewage may start coming up through the pipes. You may find discharge on sink bottoms and around drains in the basement.

Rooter and Plumbing Service of Phoenix can help with either issue. Give us a call to talk over your situation so we can get started on the fix for what’s going on in your house’s plumbing.

Do-it-yourself or Call a Professional?

The first thing to get out of the way is you should not be using products like Draino or other drain cleaners in a bottle, to clear your pipes. They may do a partial job of dissolving a clog, but the problem will return. What’s more, the chemicals used in those products not only eat away at clogs, they eat at your pipes as well. The cost of replacing plumbing lines throughout your house will be several times greater than fixing a minor issue the right way at the start.

Places like Home Depot and Ace Hardware sell and rent drain cleaning machines. Home Depot even offers a drain camera to peek around in your pipes. For starters, you need to know your way around plumbing to use these devices safely and correctly. The other problem is that they generally only come with one size line and your home’s plumbing is definitely not a one-size-fits-all situation.

A rental machine can come with a half-inch cable and that’s generally too big for a bathtub drain or shower stall drain and may be too small for other lines in your home. The other issue you could run into is not having a long enough cable. Store-bought augers and drain cables often only extend to 50 feet and your clog may be well beyond that.

Our plumbers at Rooter and Plumbing Service are equipped with a variety of cables and lengths for any projects. We’ve had projects require over 100 feet of cable to travel the pipes from one end of a house to the other.

Simple, Low-Cost Kitchen Sink Drain Clearing in Phoenix

At Rooter and Plumbing Service of Phoenix, we like to fix problems in the simplest way possible to keep costs low for our customers. If the problem is just a small clog in the lines directly under the sink, we can take the pipe apart, clear the clog, and put it back together with no leaks, quick and easy. We don’t make a problem bigger than it is, just to create more work we can charge you for.

Beware of companies that want to get out a drain pipe camera before they try anything else. Often, this is just a way to charge you for an extra service. A simple examination of the sink and the use of a drain cable should be the first moves because chances are that’s all that’s needed.

Contact Rooter and Plumbing Service In Arizona

If you’ve got a backed-up kitchen sink making life difficult for you, give our plumbing company a call and talk to a real plumber. Our experts can determine the true problem and find the repair to fit the situation.

For a clogged drain line or any other plumbing project anywhere in Phoenix and the surrounding area contact Rooter and Plumbing Service.

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Rooter & Plumbing Service in Phoenix, AZ is owned by Ron, an experienced expert, who has been servicing the Phoenix metro area since 1982. Ron believes in hard work, dedication and honesty and is willing to provide the best advice to all callers.

Rooter & Plumbing Service in Phoenix, AZ is able to offer lower and more reasonable prices because Ron believes in keeping his company small and personal. You can depend on qualified plumbers to take care of your plumbing repairs as well as sewer and drain cleaning needs. Rooter & Plumbing Service in Phoenix, AZ thanks you for providing us the opportunity to serve you and guarantees full satisfaction to all our customers.

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We specialize in allowing our customers to speak directly to a plumber when they call. We are happy to give free advice over the phone and provide pricing on most jobs. Sewer rooter and drain cleaning is our primary focus. We do sewer inspections and repairs as well as locating. We do residential repairs and install fixtures such as disposals, faucets, toilets, hose bibs, angle stop valves and water heaters. We are not accepting re-pipe or remodel jobs of any kind at this time. We accept all major credit cards and take over the phone payments from out of town property owners.

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