Why do I have to keep jiggling the toilet’s handle?

If your toilet keeps running or you have to jiggle the handle in order to get it to work correctly please feel free to try to fix it yourself with these hand instructions. Of course, if the jiggling becomes too much to handle feel free to igve us a call to repair the offending toilet.

If you find yourself jiggling the toilet handle, you probably need a simple $5 toilet flappe

flapperWhat is a flapper you ask?

It creates a seal at the bottom of the toilet’s tank to keep the water in. Over time, the flapper wears out, and water trickles away. Sometimes jiggling the handle helps the decaying flapper sit down “just right”.

Note: when removing the lid from your toilet, se it down flat on the ground somewhere- propping it up against a wall is sure to result in it tipping over and shattering

Here is a video on replacing a flapper valve:

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