Workroom Drain Cleaning

You probably don’t get to do a lot of relaxing in your garage, shop, or workroom. You complete a lot of hard, messy jobs in there and that usually leads to a lot of clean-up. Your workroom sink may get a lot of abuse at the end of your chores.  Washing dirty hands and greasy tools can send a lot of gunk and dirt down the drain.

Everything is working like it should until that sink suddenly quits on you. A clogged work sink can grind your project to a halt.

Contact a Phoenix Plumber when your Work Sink Clogs

When your workflow comes to a stop because of a backed-up sink you can rely on Rooter and Plumbing Services to get your project back on track. When you contact us you’ll talk to a real plumber with experience with all types of plumbing disasters big and small in and around Phoenix.

We can clear clogs of any size and help with other plumbing installations. Our owner and operator, Ron, has been assisting folks in Arizona with plumbing needs for forty years. He makes sure every customer has their exact problem identified and fixed, without getting charged for things they don’t need.

A Clogged Sink or a Sewer Problem?

Shop or garage sinks usually see a lot of substances that are prime clog candidates. Usually, a normal back-up will leave a lot of standing water that drains slowly. The time it takes to drain will get longer and longer as you put off fixing it.

If the sewer line itself is clogged that could be a bigger problem for your workplace sink and every other drain in your house.  A gurgling or bubbling in the standing water trapped in your sink may be a sign you’ve got a sewer problem. At some point, you may see dirty water rising in your shop sink and in other drains in your house. This likely means that a major sewer line in the house has a bigger clog.

Rooter and Plumbing Service of Phoenix can help with either issue. Give us a call to talk over your situation so we can start determining what’s happening in your house’s plumbing.

Can you Repair a Clogged Sink Yourself?

Our plumbers will always try the most basic and cheapest solution first to make sure we don’t charge you for unnecessary work. If we think the problem is a simple clog in the pipes underneath the sink, we can disconnect the sink and clear the blockage.

Someone with basic plumbing knowledge may be able to handle this project, but there are a few things to watch out for. It’s important to make sure you don’t damage the pipes and threads as you try to unscrew them. Joints and seals can freeze over time and make the disconnect a frustrating task that can damage the pipes.

Also, once the clog is removed, you must still reconnect the pipes correctly. They must go back together without a leak. You don’t want a flooded garage or shop to be your next problem.

Renting a Drain Cleaning Machine

You may be tempted to run down to Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement to buy or rent a drain cleaning machine. These do-it-yourself solutions can sometimes help if you have the know-how to use them safely and effectively. They can also be a waste of money if your problem doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it was.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about renting Drain Cleaning Machines:

  • Drain machines cable size. Rentals often only come with one-size of cable. Your problems may not be a one-size-fits-all type of issue. Depending on the location, you might need a larger width of cable or smaller width. Our professionals at Rooter and Plumbing Service are equipped with a variety of cable sizes and can quickly determine what’s needed for each problem.
  • Rental drain machines may not have the length needed to reach your problem. Some more serious problems require traveling through 100ft or more of piping to find the source of the issue. Store-bought augers and drain cables may only go up to 50ft.
  • Damaging your own pipes. Sending a cable down your pipes can be a risky proposition if you’re inexperienced. Applying too much force on sinks and drain lines can put stress on pipe joints and cause damage.
  • The price. Rentals can cost you almost 100 dollars a day and several hundred dollars for the week. Buying your own auger or drain snake can run several hundred dollars. If these smaller machines can’t fix your problem you’ve already wasted money that could have been used to pay a professional to investigate the clog and fix it the right way.

Don’t put Chemicals Down your Sink

Turning to “plumbers in a bottle” products, like Draino, don’t fix the problem and can even damage your home. The harsh chemicals in these products may provide temporary relief, but they eat away at the pipes in your house. Eventually, they can lead to a costly breakdown in your lines and force you into an expensive replacement project.

Homemade mixtures may give you temporary relief too. You may have some luck, but these remedies are usually more preventative and aren’t designed to work quickly.

Contact Rooter and Plumbing Service In Arizona

If your workday just got shut down by a backed-up sink, it’s time to call and talk to a real plumber. We understand how important your shop sink or your workplace sink can be to the success of your project. We can get it unclogged the right way without causing a bigger problem down the road.

For a clogged drain line or any other plumbing service anywhere in Phoenix and the surrounding area contact Rooter and Plumbing Service.

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