How often can I use drain cleaning liquids?

In general, drain cleaning liquids and gels are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions printed on the label.

Liquid and gel drain cleaners will safely remove light debris such as hair. If you have a drain that will not come unclogged after a couple of tries you will need our drain cleaning service to remove the obstruction.

If a plumber tells you that these drain cleaners do not work, run! They are likely trying to sell you services which you do not need.

When drain cleaning liquids do damage

I was at a house yesterday where the homeowner had worked for several hours on his kitchen drain with no result. He decided to put it all back together and pour a bottle of drain cleaner in to the kitchen sink and left it overnight. The result was a destroyed stainless steel kitchen sink. Also any damage to pipes in the wall or under the floor will show up at a later time, and require major repairs ranging from $300 to $5,000. Most drain cleaners are designed to be flushed in 15 minutes.

You shouldn’t need a drain cleaner in the first place

Drain cleaning liquids should never be needed in any drain. All drains are considered “continuous cleaning” in that the water flow keeps them clean and clear at all times.
If your shower drain is backing up on a regular basis you either have:

  • a very low flow (or worn out) shower head
  • or you are using a strainer the “catch” the hair which is causing the hair to accumulate in the drain. (The strainer slows the water flow and defeats the self cleaning system)

If the shower does get a little slow from regular use, a plunger should get it going again. Of course, the sooner you use the plunger on a slow drain the better it will work. If the drain has been slow for a few months the plunger may not work and if the plunger doesn’t work the liquid drain cleaner most likely wont work either.

When to call the plumber

That’s where $59 Rooter & Plumbing Service comes in. We have been providing fast same day service in the Phoenix area for over 20 years. We can rooter that slow shower drain for $59. and check the system for proper water flow at no extra charge. With the system working properly there should never be a need to call a plumber or use a drain cleaner on that shower stall drain ever again.

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