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If you have a clogged toilet in the Phoenix area and you need a plumber, you can always call us. But if it’s a problem you can manage then we’d rather teach you how. You can call us for the tough jobs instead.


Take clogged toilets for instance. Almost all clogged toilets can be cleared out with one simple, cheap tool: a plunger (you will probably want a pair of rubber gloves as well).

You should buy one with an extension flange on the end (it looks something like a bell sitting on a smaller coffee can).

You’ll know pretty quickly if you need it: either your toilet will drain slowly, indicating a partial blockage, or it won’t flush at all and instead the bowl will fill up.

Pro tip: if the water is rising and looks like it’s about to overflow – and who wants that? – reach down behind the toilet and turn the metal valve all the way to the left. That will cut off the water to the tank. Problem (temporarily) solved.

Either way, wait about 10 minutes and then come back. If the water hasn’t gone down at all then you are completely obstructed.

Time for the plunger!

Put it in the bowl and make a seal with the flange. Once you have done that, push down – you’ll be forcing air into the pipe.

Now you’ll be pushing and pulling water back and forth. Don’t go crazy yet – figure out how much you can push without splashing water out. And that might take care of it anyway.

If not, then alternate between hard and easy pumps. Make sure the plunger is covered with water.

That should do it. But here are a couple of other things you can try as well.

You know the old tip about using soap to get a tight ring off your finger? That applies here too.

You can get some dish soap and some hot (but not boiling) water. Pour the soap in the bowl, add the water and flush (as long as you are draining some. If it’s not moving at all don’t add more water).

This is just common sense: you’re warming up the clog and greasing the pipes. If you are physically challenged or would rather not go straight to plunging, you can try this first. It may take care of it.

If neither option works, your next DYI step is a plumbing snake.

This is a long, flexible wire that can snag a clog that you then pull out.

This might be a good place to mention that small children are sometimes entertained by making their toys disappear when they pull the magic handle. Hard plastic toys and organic waste/paper are clearly separate issues.

If all of this fails, the next step involves removing the toilet, and at that point, if you’re in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, you might prefer to call us. We can take that up, remove the obstacle and leave you with renewed appreciation for the beauty of flush toilets.

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